Treat your pup to the most comfortable dog ramp on the market


The Hitch Dog Ramp attaches to the back of your car instead of folding in the trunk.


The Hitch Dog Ramp is one of the most durable and space-saving dog ramps on the market. Our proprietary design allows you to safely drive with the dog ramp attached to the hitch in a locked position, deploy the dog ramp for the convenience of your pets, and fold it back up for easy storage. This keeps the ramp outside of the vehicle without taking up valuable space inside! 

Engineering Ingenuity
and Pet Comfort

  • Lightweight aluminum body with the highest quality steel hardware and hinges.
  • Hitch-mounted, tri-fold design, offering a unique combination of strength and convenience.
  • While the ramp is deployed, reflectors help other drivers see the device.
  • Grip pads on the walking surface give your pet excellent traction while ascending into the vehicle.
  • A safety locking latch on both sides keeps the ramp in its folded position.
  • Conveniently placed handle helps unfold and deploy the ramp in one quick motion. 
  • Backup camera-friendly.

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